About Us

At Cation Arts, we are dedicated to creating fun and beautiful tabletop games that bring people together. Our games capture your creativity, engage your desire to strategize, and leave you with laugh-out-loud moments that make for unforgettable memories. We are a tabletop game design and publishing company based in the United Arab Emirates, and we pride ourselves on having a unique perspective into the multicultural, cosmopolitan gaming world.

As a platform for dreamers and believers, we push boundaries and bring forth creative masterpieces that positively change our world... One ion at a time. Our published games include "All Time Wrestling," a wrestling card game featuring exciting fantasy characters and real-world legends, "One Earth," a game where you and your friends compete to ensure your citizens prosper and maintain the highest living standards, and "Conqueror: Final Conquest," a fun strategy board game set in the 3rd century BC where you and your friends battle for power to conquer and rule the ancient world.

Join us in our passion for tabletop gaming and let's create unforgettable moments together.